Shane is a Commercial and Feature Film Colorist.
Grading at The Mill, Company 3, and R!OT, he’s had the Opportunity to Collaborate with World Class Filmmakers.
Some of his recent work includes:

Chevy, Jason Reitman – Director
Mazda, Janusz Kaminski – Director/DP
AT&T ‘Status’ Jeff Cronenweth – DP
EA Fifa, Brent Harris – Director
HP ‘Touchpad & Veer’, Manny Pacquiao, Russell Brand, Lea Michele, Miranda Cosgrove
Wii ‘Zumba II’, Chris Halmo – Director
Cee Lo Green “F**k You”, Matt Stawski – Director
LeAnn Rimes “The Bottle Let Me Down”, Nigel Dick – Director
Angels and Airwaves “Hallucinations”
Verizon “Park”
Ivan Reitman “No Strings Attached” Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher
Judd Apatow “Wanderlust” Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd
Dean Wright “Cristiada” Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria
Matthew Leutwyler “Answers to Nothing” Dane Cook
William Eubank’s Sci-fi-Art epic “Love”

Before his success in Post Production, Shane worked in numerous camera department positions in music videos and feature films.

With his unique knowledge of both cinematography and telecine, he has gained the perfect skill set for CineGrain’s technical and creative success.


Nick started and operated the Hollywood, CA recording studio Catch Camera Studios. He later created Catch Camera Records, which has licensed songs to companies such as Sony, NBC, Coach, and Delta Airlines among others.

He has brought his business and fundraising experience to various companies including United Apparel.

He’s worked professionally in mediums including Photography, Music, Movies, Apparel, Commercials, and Music Videos. His work experience has given him a collection of mental models that continue to help CineGrain, LLC succeed. Film Grain Overlay is the future and he’s excited about being a part of it.


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